this is basically where i write stuff about stuff i am definately Normal about!! it will probably be quite empty because i hardly ever have thoughts that are coherent enough to actually make them into words.


Firstly, Neil Gaiman (one of the authors of the original book and the writer of the show) literally confirmed on social media that Aziraphale and Crowley are gay. Also if you just watch the fuckign show it is so clear that they are in love like ??? aaaaaaashfj????

evidence of this . loOK AT THEM OAUGH

point three- NEIL GAIMAN SAID THAT THEY LIKE HOLDING HANDS . THEY . LIKE . HOLDING . HANDS . AUUUUHJHG. and also th. their WINGS are A HEART in the series two promo poster (shown below)

My final point: just because they don't kiss in the show doesn't mean they're not in love?? physical affection isn't the only love language?? also I bet there are straight couples in shows that people are all like "oh they're so in love omg" when they never kiss??

so to summarise, y'all are stupid :)