hell o i am zaphod and this is my website 😮. i actually have no idea what im going to write in this so we'll see what happens but i will probably end up ranting about my interests !(which you can find in the about me page)👍. yuo can navigate the website with the navbar at the top of the page !


everyone look at Wumbus



THONK originated when I accidentally said the word "thonk" when talkig about Emo Bruce Wayne and then said "thonk 👍" and then Axel said "bro thonk" and then thonklover corlo was born and now thonk is S Good. !


  • i thonk thats good enough ,
  • thonk 👍
  • mmm i lov thonk
  • thonklover corlo
  • do yuo lov thonk
  • #thonk
  • do yuo lov thonk like thonklover corlo,


if you lov thonk and want to get involved in the thonk club it is s easy !! all yuo have to do is put a thonk graphic on yuor site (like the one in the sidebar) and you can make your own or use one that you find !!


on September the fourth 2023 at 8:31 pm BST an image that i took myself with my own phone camera was posted to horseimagebarn dot tumblr dot com !!

here is a screenshot of the post !!

i took this photo a few weeks agi when i was on holiday and we were on a walk and some horses were on the path and i found this hourse with its head against a wall quite funny to i took a picture of it !!


on september 10th 2023 at 8:21 pm BST another image that i took myself was posted to horseimagebarn dot tumblr dot com !!

this is a screenshot of the post !

i took this photo on the same walk that i took the other photo on and i found this horse funny !

wednesday is not only the greatest betrayal in television history but the most maddeningly trite, disturbingly vapid, and internally confused ideological train wreck I've ever had the deeply sorrowful displeasure of allowing to pass through my corneas may god have mercy on burton or whoever else was responsible while someone slapped his brand name on it, and on all of us who are fated to live in a world where something so culturally, socially, politically, and artistically noxious as this Mary-sue-lead, transparently TikTok-targeted, phone-worshipping, vaguely bigoted, backfired virtue-signaling, fake leftist capitalist "my immortal"-esque fanfic earns a second season through what I can only be explained as manufactured consent. something must be done about Netflix's Wednesday. This thing is a condescending insult, especially to young people, the socially conscious, and members of marginalized and """outcast""" groups (LiKe GoThS & ppL who CAN cONTroL BEEEEES) who genuinely suffer from what this thing hollowly masturbates to while looking us dead in the eyes and saying "yeah, you like that, don't you?" It is a Gatling gun of random buzzwords and empty references to social issues, grotesquely and impotently disguised and screaming "I'm commentary!" before pissing its pants, squealing like a pig, and at its most coherent offering nothing more than to demonize mental illness and make any marginalized identity out to be a mayonnaise-stained Hot Topic hoodie through Wiseau-ian dialogue, inappropriate "grittiness" for its source material and Harry Potter setting, and incessant hackery. I am shitting. I am pissing. I am standing over a warm bubble bath cradling a toaster and sobbing, chanting g-d's secret name and praying that there is indeed a hell so I can be eternally punished for having given this moral abomination one fraction of a fraction of a cent also it's not a good Addams family adaptation anyway let me know your thoughts in the poll below

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